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Alexander Technique Resources

Alexander Technique: resources
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  • Completer Guide to Alexander Technique

  • Good description of Alexander technique and its benefits

  • The Performance School

  • The Performance School is a resource center for the continuing exploration of this new field. Since the school was founded in 1986

  • Alexander Technique and Sports Performance

  • The Alexander Technique is a century-old educational process in which the student learns a set of skills that he or she can apply in all facets of life. One of the assumptions underlying this educational process is ...

  • Alexander Technique Self-Learning

  • Although the Alexander Technique has traditionally been passed on through the medium of touch, with the hands of the teacher guiding the student, the originator of the technique, FM Alexander, was entirely self-taught....

  • Notes on Alexander_Technique

  • At the beginning of the lesson I asked you to perform some gestures. I asked you to sit and rise from a chair, touch the floor and stand on your toes. The purpose of performing these gestures was to demonstrate to you that you shorten and narrow your body during activity....

  • Focusing and the Alexander Technique

  • I have been working for 20 years integrating Alexander Technique with Focusing, in what I call Whole Body Focusing. The following is an attempt to share how all this has come together for me. I make no claims beyond my own experience....

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Alexander Technique

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