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What are the conditions treated with alexander technique?

What are the conditions treated with alexander technique?
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  Alleviating Physical Ailments
      Alexander technique may help people suffering chronic medical problems for which there are no lasting solutions in the conventional medicine. Alexander technique may help musculoskeletal problems such as back, neck and joint pain, arthritis, sciatica, headaches, occupational overuse syndrome (OOS), breathing and stress-related disorders, neuromuscular dysfunction, voice strain, and hypertension.

Rehabilitation from injury
      Alexander technique has potential of rehabilitation from physical injury. If someone suffer from an illness or physical injury and is now recovering from the same, they may need to reassess everything they do in the quest for a more efficient and balanced use of themselves. Traditional rehabilitation exercises mainly focuses on the function of the injured part of the body. This narrow focus creates a risk of compensatory stresses occurring elsewhere in the body. The Alexander Technique takes the body as a whole part and emphasizes doing what is right for the whole person.

Prevention of illness and physical injuries
      Unless conventional medicine, Alexander therapy does not wait for the body to develop illness or injury to apply its methods. Alexander technique will teach you to change the underlying thought and movement patterns that cause symptoms and would prevent illness and injuries from occurring. In some situations, Alexander technique may facilitate the efficacy of standard medical treatments, and in other
  situations it may remove the need for such treatments altogether. In many cases it altogether focuses on the aspect of prevention. For instance, Alexander technique recommends postural changes during pregnancy in order to prevent the onset of back pain. Anybody who works at a keyboard would do well to have lessons to prevent the incidence of occupational overuse syndrome (OOS).

Improving your performance
      Many people learn Alexander technique with an idea to refine their skills in a particular activity, such as sport and fitness, public speaking or performing arts. The technique greatly improves coordination, poise and mental clarity, gives confidence and reduces performance anxiety. As mentioned above Alexander technique is aimed at prevention of injuries before it occur by teaching performers to be attuned to physical stress signals from their bodies and to respond appropriately.

Reducing the impact of ongoing stress
      Our day-to-day life deals with multitude of stimuli and dealing with these stimuli demands a great deal from our body. Each time we react to some stress the same way, sometimes with frustration, anxiety or depression, we are only reinforcing this negative pattern. By making us conscious of our own thoughts and emotions impacting on our bodies, the Alexander Technique helps us relate more harmoniously with ourselves and each other, and to our physical surroundings. This approach can have lead to profound relaxation, liberation and would help us to lead more discerning and constructive lives.

What are the conditions treated with Alexander technique?

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