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Origin of Alexander Technique

From Origin of Alexander Technique

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F.M. Alexander, who lived from 1869-1955, developed Alexander technique based on experiences that he gained with the use of his own voice as an actor, musician and dramatic performer. In the early years of his carrier as a musician and performer Alexander had set backs because of chronic hoarseness of voice. Alexander had great power of observation, and despite lack of knowledge of the functioning of human body he was able to observe the movements of his own body. He observed his own movements and from this observation came the knowledge that helped him to overcome the problem that he was facing. With this enlightenment and knowledge he solved his own problem and then went on to develop the system of Alexander technique.

He proposed that the problems and difficulties faced by many people in learning, control of performance, and in physical functioning are caused by unconscious habits. The believed that these habits interfere with your natural poise and our capacity to learn. He proposed that when we stop interfering with the innate coordination of the body, we could take on more complex activities with greater self-confidence and presence of mind.

Cancer terms:
Axilllary nodes: Lymph glands in the armpit. Example: Axillary node removal is a standard practice of surgical treatment of breast cancer. See cancer terms for more cancer related terms. Origin of Alexander Technique

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