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What is alexander technique?

What is alexander technique?
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       The Alexander Technique is a very simple and effective method of self-care that people use to achieve a natural, tension-free posture and ease in movement. Alexander Technique would help you to relieve pain and stress, prevent injuries and accidents, and restore a sense of balance and serenity. The Alexander Technique is an excellent means for overcoming our impeding habits, and for helping people learn better and do things more freely, from learning to play in a soccer game to moving with more comfort and   ease through your daily life. The Alexander technique deals with the reeducation of the body and the mind and with relieving the body of old learned habits. It is a technique for achieving a better level of functioning and balance in bodily systems and day-to-day activities. This method has evolved over 100 years as a wonderful therapy for stress and muscle ache. It is usable by every person, in every setting, from the computer world to operatic performance.  

What is alexander technique?

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