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History of Ayurveda

History of Ayurveda

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    The Origin
     :         The system of Ayurveda originated in India about 2500 to 5000 years ago. Subsequently it spread to Egypt, Greece, Rome, Tibet, China, Russia and Japan. Ayurveda is probably the oldest continually practiced holistic health care system in the world. In legend it been told that this ancient science was taught by the creator, Brahma, to the Prajapati Daksha. (One of the lords of the animals) who in turn taught it to the divine twins called the Asvins. These Aswins are the heavenly healers. They taught Indra, the chief of the shining ones. This science was codified by the sage-physician Charaka and the sage-surgeon Shushruta.

    Origin of the word Ayurveda
              The word comes from Sanskrit, Ayus means life and living longer, and Veda meaning Knowledge or Science. Therefore, Ayurveda is The Science of Life and living longer.

    Early practitioners
              This ancient system was derived from of careful observations of thousands and thousands of human beings, animals, plants, trees and nature in general, over a period of thousands of years. Ancient Ayurvedic practitioners recorded the collection of their observations writings, they mentioned about the strategies that worked and those didn't for every aspect of health and way of living. As the result of this careful observation and recording over thousands of years, a highly sophisticated nature-friendly healing system was developed that has its foundation an immensely valuable herbal and spiritual science. This ancient science is health, not disease, specific and takes into account the patient's entire personality - body, mind and spirit.

    Modern era
              In modern days, we have integrated the art of this ancient healing to further heights by integrating the ancient findings with the discoveries and findings of modern science. Many scientific studies to this date, continues to provide confirmation of the efficacy and a better understanding of the system of Ayurveda.
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