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Holotropic breathwork

Holotropic breathwork
      Holotropic Breathwork is usually conducted in a formal setting. Workshop or classrooms are the ideal setting for giving instructions. Before the breathwork session begins breathwork facilitator may provide tips to the participants and answer questions.

      During the class session, everyone pairs up with a partner. Each person in the pair takes works breather and a sitter and then alternate the roles. The sitter provides emotional and physical support to the breather. Sitters caring and supportive role provides the breather the feeling of safety comfort and love.

      Before the process gets started, the breather discusses with the sitter what might be needed during the process (e.g., tissues, blankets, etc.). The breather lies down on a mat. Breather may uses blankets, if necessary, for extra warmth. The breathwork facilitator has the leading role and provides instructions for brief relaxation exercise.

      The evocative music begins at this point and lasts for the session which may last for about 2 hours. Upon the instruction of the facilitator the breather begins breathing faster. The speed of the breathing process is up to the breather to decide. Some people request suggestions from the sitter about speed of their breathing. If pain or tension or anxiety appears in the body during the process and is not resolved by the breath, the facilitator offers a session of focused bodywork.

      During the breathwork process, the breather can have quite a wide range of personal experiences. Such experiences can include deep feelings of joy or serenity, yogic sleep or meditative states, re-experience of traumas or the birth process, bodily sensations, crying, yelling, body movements, transpersonal experiences such as past life experiences, etc.

      The experiences in the non-ordinary state brought on by the breathwork may be sensory, biographical, perinatal or transpersonal (beyond body and personal identity)

      During the breathwork process it is important to try and avoid directing the process to go to a particular place. With the help of the breath, evocative music, a safe atmosphere, relaxation, and a willingness to embrace the experiences, the unconscious part of the mind will take you to wherever you need to go for inner healing and transformation and relaxation.

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