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How is holistic medicine practiced?

How is holistic medicine practiced?
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       Holistic medicine believes that health is more than just not jut the absence of disease. It is combination physical, metal, emotional, social and spiritual well being. Holistic medicine is based on the very basic law of nature that states that whole is made up of interdependent parts and further believes that whole is more than the sum of the parts. Holistic health puts great emphasis on prevention of ailments, however it focuses more on reaching higher levels of wellness. Holistic medicine encourages people to feel good about themselves and makes them aware how good it is the feeling to have lots of energy and enthusiasm for life knowing that what they are doing that day will allow   them to continue to feel this great for years to come.

      The theory and practice of holistic medicine can also be applied to the treatment of chronic medical conditions. Even though many times the terms holistic health and holistic medicine are used interchangeably, holistic health refers to creation of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well being and the term holistic medicine refers to the treatment of diseases with holistic theories. The holistic approach to healing does not focus on symptoms, but goes beyond the symptoms and considers the symptom as only the body’s message of a ongoing problem.

How is holistic medicine practiced?

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