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Proprioceptive stimulation

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Proprioceptive stimulation is a holistic technique in which a tactile stimulation is applied to the bottom of the foot. Through this stimulation, a message is sent to the cerebellum (the balance center of the brain) (See Fig 1). Acting on this signal, the cerebellum initiates a postural correction affecting the entire body. This postural correction (bioimploded to erect posture, See Fig 2) encourages the body to readjust itself towards a state of harmony and well being.

Foot Brain Connection
Fig 1 - Foot- Brain Connection. Mechanico Receptors in the bottom of the foot provide continuous input to the brain where global postural adjustments are made.
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Proprioceptive stimulation Ideal posture


Foot, Knee, Back, Neck, Jaw Pain
The joints reposition themselves into a more correct alignment. This reduces the stress on the muscles, which allows them to heal (Rothbart and Esterbrook 1988, Rothbart and Yerratt 1995).

By straightening the shoulders, the ribcage is opened and pressure is taken off the lungs. This allows for easier breathing.

Intestinal and Bowel
The anterior rotation of the pelvis is reversed, which in turn, decompresses the intestines and colon. Waste products pass through the colon more quickly and efficiently, eliminating the pain associated with gastro-intestinal distress.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Improved posture reduces hypertonicity (tightness and strain) within the postural muscles. Lactic acid is reduced. The body has more energy. (Rothbart B. Pressure Plate Analysis of Medial Column Insoles. Journal of Sportsmedicine)

Diabetic Ulcers
With improved postural positioning of the foot, blood flow into the foot is greatly enhanced. This allows the diabetic ulcer to heal, reducing the likelihood of a partial or complete foot amputation (Case Studies, Group Health Hospital, Department of Orthopedics, Tacoma Washington 1996).

The anterior rotation of the pelvis is reduced. The blockage (Isthmus Block) between the ovaries and the fallopian (uterine) tubules is removed (See Figs 3 & 4 below). This allows the egg to pass more freely into the fallopian tubules, where conception normally occurs.

Erect position                               Proprioceptive stimulation           Isthmus Block
Fig 3 - Erect Position Fig 4 - Isthmus Block Associated with Anterior Rotation of Pelvis
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By reducing the forward rotation of the pelvis, the blockage between the uterus and the vagina is reduced. This allows the waste materials, generated by menstruation, to be passed out of the body more efficiently. This in turn, diminishes or greatly reduces menstrual pain (and low back pain). (Bellevue Study 1993-95)

Many headaches arise from tension in the neck muscles. By positioning the head over the spine, the neck muscles relax. Headaches become less frequent and less intense (Rothbart, Hansen and Liley 1994).

Poor posture can produce pain symptoms, foot to jaw. It is not uncommon for these patients to be diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia.

A Profound Effect
Proprioceptive Stimulation, as you can see has a profound effect on the body, solving so many chronic body problems that in the past were considered unsolvable. This is done naturally, without the use or need of surgery or drugs. It just makes good sense to treat your body in a kind and respectful way, allowing it to heal itself naturally.


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This article was written by Prof / Dr Brian A Rothbart, Podiatric Biomechanical Engineer and Researcher at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in Rome Italy.
For more information, visit Dr Rothbart's website at:

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