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Therapeutic Humor

Therapeutic Humor

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Humor is an important part for the well being of mind. Humor influences health, reduces stress, provides perspective, improves communication. Humor energizes the body, enhances personal relationships, and generally makes people feel better.

Humor is often used in the therapeutic context. The humor therapist creates humorous interventions, which target the clients emotional distress. Since humor directly changes our emotional states humor and distressing emotions cannot occupy the same psychological space. Therapeutic humor uses this aspect to relieve anxiety and depression. Humor relieves emotional distress and empowered patients with depression and anxiety to manage their emotional reactions.

Laughter changes how we feel physically, and it affects our biochemistry. A deep laughter gives a feeling of lightness. Work is often associated with stress, and stress is one of the main causes of physical and mental illness. Humor is a great stress reliever because it makes us feel good, and we can't feel good and feel stress simultaneously. At the moment we experience humor, feelings like depression, anger, and anxiety dissolve. You can learn more about the therapeutic benefits of humor from the following resources.
  • AATH

  • AATH is the professional association for anyone interested in learning more about humor and laughter
  • Blow Up The Moon

  • Alternative comedy community for fans of Mr. Show, Kids in the Hall, Strangers With Candy, etc
  • Humor Speaker

  • HumorPower, home of professional speaker, humor specialist and comedy-magician John Kinde.
  • Humor Horizons

  • Professional humor health expert speaker
  • Dr. Humor

  • to provide information through public speaking and print media about the value and benefits of humor in order to improve the quality of life for all of us. to make available unique humor products to help the world
  • LOL To Good Health

  • Study of the impact of emotions on stress and the use of laughter as therapy. Laugh away to good health!
  • Scott Friedman

  • touching minds, hearts and funny bones! Scott's Tip of the Day: "The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his."
  • The HUMOR Project

  • We would love to send a free copy of our hot-off-the-press 32-page 2005 catalog to anyone in the United States. Jest email us with "Free 2005 Sourcebook" in the Subject Line at....
  • Steve Wilson and Company

  • I have worked with hundreds of organizations , small & large businesses, and corporations to teach them how to form an organization where people are eager to improve performance and profitability.
  • World Laughter Tour, Inc

  • International clearinghouse for information, ideas and news about therapeutic laughter and laughter clubs
  • Loretta LaRoche & Company

  • Loretta LaRoche & Company - stress management resources, speakers and advice, discussion groups, free e-cards, stressless shopping.
  • therapeutic humor

  • You can download video and funny movie. Watch the TV. The best collection of download video. Are you looking for humourous video ? You're on the good site. Crash, gag ,madness... Hundred and hundred video in mpeg format. A new humorous video everyday. Enjoy !
  • Examining Research Results

  • As humor professionals we often report that, according to research "Children laugh 400 times a day while adults laugh only 15 times." "Endorphins, the body's natural pain killers, are released during deep heartfelt laughter. Therapeutic Humor

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