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Breast Cancer Blog: Tamoxifen May Help Short Boys Grow Taller

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Dec 11, 2005

Tamoxifen May Help Short Boys Grow Taller

Tamoxifen May Help Short Boys Grow Taller
I have a nephew whose height was too small for his age. He was under investigation by the researchers who treated him with growth hormone for about 2 years and to the surprise of everyone his height had increased after this treatment.

New research has found that tamoxifen, which is usually used for the treatment of breast cancer, decreases the rate of skeletal maturation in boys giving them time to attain higher final body height. These research findings were reported in the in a recent issue of the medical journal Pediatrics.

The lead investigator of the study Dr. Nerissa C. Kreher spoke about the potential uses of this new finding, and suggested that this new finding may lead to more investigations in this regard and may finally lead to use of tamoxifen to actually treat young boys, who have short stature.

Kreher and colleagues at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, have previously noted that, the use of tamoxifen leads to considerable decrease in skeletal maturation in girls with certain conditions affecting their growth. However, no reports have been made if it works in short boys as well.

In order to investigate this, the researchers reviewed medical charts of seven boys with an average age of 15 years. The rate of skeletal maturation was determined by dividing the change in bone age by the change in chronological age. It was found that the rate of skeletal maturation was significantly decreased and the predicted adult height was increased by the use of tamoxifen.


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Breast Cancer Blog: Tamoxifen May Help Short Boys Grow Taller

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