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Breast Cancer Blog: Nine Months Wait For Breast Cancer Treatment

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Dec 19, 2005

Nine Months Wait For Breast Cancer Treatment

Nine Months Wait For Breast Cancer Treatment
I was reading this disturbing report from Scotland this morning. It says that most women with breast cancer have to wait inline for treatment and sometimes the wait may be up to nine months.

Facts and figurers published today show the full extent of the problem facing Scottish women. The longest delay was at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, where a woman referred for urgent care by her GP waited 276 days or nearly 40 weeks before treatment. At three other hospitals, patients waited for four months or more for starting treatment.

Charity Breast cancer organizations are expressing concern regarding this huge delay in starting breast cancer treatment. Lorraine Dallas, head of the charity Breast Cancer Care Scotland, said: "These apparently huge variations in the time that patients with urgent referrals are being forced to wait for treatment in Scotland are simply unacceptable.

The article does not give details to know that these patients had early stage breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer. While a delay of nine months of treatment for metastatic breast cancer could be criminal, a delay of nine months treatment in early stage breast cancer could be nothing less than gross neglect. Early stage breast cancer patients should be started on adjuvant treatment within one to two months of completing surgery.

While socialized medicine has its benefits, but it brings with it long and sometimes unacceptably prolonged waiting for essential medical treatment. The Scotland government has to wake up from slumber and act to lessen the miseries of these unfortunate women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.


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Breast Cancer Blog: Nine Months Wait For Breast Cancer Treatment

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