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Breast Cancer Blog: Can healthcare Systems Afford New Drugs?

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Nov 29, 2005

Can healthcare Systems Afford New Drugs?

Can healthcare Systems Afford New Drugs?
With the advancement of medicine and introduction of new drugs comes the higher price tag of cancer treatment. The increasing price for newer medications comes from at least two aspects. With the medical advances, diseases are further sub classified to smaller categories and new drugs are being developed targeting these small groups. One example is breast cancer treatment. Some decades ago there was only one form of breast cancer. Then came the hormone positive and hormone negative breast cancer. In the last decade or so Her2 positive and Her2 negative breast cancer came into existence.

Subdivision of the diseases resulted in development of drugs targeting subgroups of patients. Aromatase inhibitors like arimidex were developed specifically for post-menopausal women with receptor positive breast cancer, which is a subgroup within the subgroup of hormone receptor positive breast cancer. Obviously this increases the price tag since the target population became smaller with each subdivision.

Another reason for skyrocketing of new drugs was the introduction more stringent control on clinical trials. Clinical trials in breast cancer now usually involve thousands of women compared to hundreds of women couple of decades ago. This adds to the cost of developing newer drugs.

Herceptin (trastuzumab) is a humanised monoclonal antibody that targets the Her2 positive cancer cells. It is currently licensed for use in advanced breast cancer where it has been shown to extend survival. Recently this drug was shown to reduce recurrence of breast cancer by 50 percent in early stage breast cancer.

Herceptin is the cause of controversy in many countries because of pressures from some quarters, including patients, for it to be made available immediately for early breast cancer, without waiting for the outcome of these trials. You may have read the news story of woman in Scotland suing the health system for not making herceptin available to her.

I do not know where this will end, but one thing is very obvious: with the development of more and more targeted therapy the price of healthcare can go only one way, and that is up.

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Breast Cancer Blog: Can healthcare Systems Afford New Drugs?

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