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Diabetes Watch Blog: Birth Weight Related to Excess Mortality in Diabetics

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Dec 13, 2005

Birth Weight Related to Excess Mortality in Diabetics

Birth Weight Related to Excess Mortality in Diabetics
We all know that death rates are much higher in people who have diabetes compared to those who don't. In fact the risk of dying is double diabetic compared his non-diabetic counter part.
A new study suggests that the excess mortality associated with diabetes is disproportionately concentrated among those diabetics who were singleton term infants with low or high birth weight.

These findings are observed by researchers Dr. Cynthia L. Leibson and colleagues from the Mayo. This finding emphasizes the importance of preventing low birth deliveries as per the researchers.

Their findings also suggest that monitoring and treatment of diabetic complications and co-morbid conditions, such as high blood pressure and lipid abnormalities, are especially important in people with diabetes whose weight at birth was outside the normal range, she said.

Leibson and colleagues estimated the risk of death associated with diabetes as a function of birth weight for 171 adults with diabetes and 342 nondiabetic controls.

According to the team's report in Diabetes Care, the proportion of deaths among diabetics was more than twice that for controls. The difference was less apparent for normal-birth-weight individuals than for high-birth-weight individuals and low-birth-weight individuals (20 percent Vs 2 percent).


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Diabetes Watch Blog: Birth Weight Related to Excess Mortality in Diabetics

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