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Diabetes Watch Blog: Teach Your Children Good Eating Habits Early

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Jan 24, 2006

Teach Your Children Good Eating Habits Early

Teach Your Children Good Eating Habits Early
About 21 million Americans are suffering from diabetes and in addition there are 45 million prediabetics in America. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one out of every three children born in the United States will develop this fatal malady during the course of their life.

I know, you are aware of the complications associated with diabetes. Diabetes increases the risk of heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, loss of circulation leading to gangrene and amputation of feet, legs and hands. Diabetes damages the nervous system, leaving people in continuous, excruciating pain, and it decreases their immunity, whereby making them more susceptible to infection.

It is important to realize that this killer disease is largely preventable. It is important that you recognize the most important factor that leads to development of diabetes. Obesity is the number one cause for development of diabetes. There is no scarcity for food for people living in America even among low-income groups. The combination of factory-made food loaded with the grease and in combination with lack of exercise is driving millions of Americans in to the no return path of diabetes and heart disease.

Look at the children, at home and at school children are habituated to eating what will make them overweight. Adults play a large role in developing such unhealthy habits in your children. When was the last time you took you children to the high grease fast food chain store? Was it yesterday? Was it day before?

There are regulations in place for advertising in public media in Australia, Canada and England. In the United States, which is the land of free speech our children are exposed to thousands of cunning ads to entice them to embrace into this poor eating habits.

Once children learn such bad eating habits, it's very difficult to change these habits. So it is better to try it now before it's too late. Teach them the values of healthy food and exercise and they will thank you for this.


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Diabetes Watch Blog: Teach Your Children Good Eating Habits Early

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