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Heart Watch Blog: Micronutrient Supplementation For Heart Failure

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Dec 7, 2005

Micronutrient Supplementation For Heart Failure

Micronutrient Supplementation For Heart Failure
Supplementation wit vitamins and micronutrients is a very common practice here in the United States. I know few elderly gentlemen who take three different kinds of multivitamins. As a person moves towards older age, there is deterioration in the function of heart and general quality of life. This is especially true for patients with chronic heart failure. How can this be overcome?

There is evidence to suggest that the function of the heart and quality of life in elderly patients with chronic heart failure may be improved by supplementation of micronutrients. In fact adequate intake of macronutrients is essential throughout the life is for the maintenance of health.

In many countries people may have deficiency of more than one micronutrient and supplementation program for different micronutrients are often implemented at the same time. The vitamin story has been often confounded with studies examining the response to single vitamin supplements in relatively low-risk patients.

The patients with congestive heart failure are at a greater risk and face multiple deficiencies. So it would not be enough if just one micronutrient is replaced as the other deficiencies like for example the deficiency in vitamin E or C would not be rectified. So a combined intake of micronutrients is important in these patients.

Researchers are conducting investigations on the effect of long-term use of multiple micronutrient supplementations in elderly patients with stable heart failure. Significant improvements in cardiac pumping ability were found in these patients after a certain period of time. It was also found that such patients had an increase in their quality of life score, like improvements in scores for breathlessness on exertion, quality of sleep and daytime concentration. A combined multivitamin supplement along with zinc, copper and selenium is generally recommended along with a high dose of Coenzyme-Q10.


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Heart Watch Blog: Micronutrient Supplementation For Heart Failure

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