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Heart Watch Blog: Don't Count On Veggie Burgers Or Toufu

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Jan 23, 2006

Don't Count On Veggie Burgers Or Toufu

Don't Count On Veggie Burgers Or Toufu
Do not count on Veggie burgers and tofu to protect you from heart disease. A recent American Heart Association committee review report examined studies spanning over a decade and came up with doubts regarding the claim that soy-based foods and supplements are effective in significantly lowering cholesterol.

These findings are contrary to popular believes and may lead to label regulations regarding this claim on soy containing food by FDA.

This study panel also found that neither soy nor the soy component isoflavone reduced symptoms of menopause, such as ``hot flashes,'' and that isoflavones do not help prevent breast, uterine or prostate cancer. When examining the effects of soy on bone mineral loss in post-menopausal women, the studies showed mixed results. These findings are published in the recent issue of circulation.

However this does not mean that eating soy based food is not good. Often soy-based food is consumed in place of junk food, like burgers and hotdogs and consumption of soy-based food may at least prevent the harmful effects of eating unhealthy food. The only finding that has come out now is that it may not be as beneficial as previously thought especially in terms of cholesterol lowering.

``We don't want to lull people into a false sense of security that by eating soy they can solve the problem'' with cholesterol, said Dr. Michael Crawford, chief of clinical cardiology at University of California-San Francisco Medical Center. He was not on the panel that issued the new statement.

The FDA in 1999 started allowing manufacturers to claim that soy products might cut the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol level after studies showed at least 25 grams of soy protein a day lowered cholesterol. A year later, the Heart Association recommended in favor of soy to classify this as a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

In the last few years much more research emerged and the Heart Association decided to re-investigate this issue.

These committee members reviewed 22 studies and found that large amounts of dietary soy protein only reduced LDL, or ``bad'' cholesterol, about 3 percent and had no effect on HDL, or ``good'' cholesterol, or on blood pressure.

They also did analysis of isoflavones separately and found that isoflavones also had no effect on lowering LDL cholesterol or other lipid risk factors.

``Soy proteins and isoflavones don't have any major health benefits other than soy protein products are generally good foods,'' said Dr. Frank Sacks, a professor of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston who led the committee.`They're good to replace other foods that are high in cholesterol.''


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Heart Watch Blog: Don't Count On Veggie Burgers Or Toufu

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