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Disclaimer Base Excess And Bicarbonate Calculator

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Base Excess And Bicarbonate Calculator

       Bicarbonate and base excess calculator
Please read the disclaimer before use

This caculator uses the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation:
Replacing pK = 6.1, and [CO2] = 0.03 * pCO2, and removing the logarithms we get
HCO3 = 0.03 * pCO2 * 10 (pH - 6.1)
When we use this together with Siggaard-Anderson equation we get:
B.E. = 0.9287 (HCO3 - 24.4 + 14.83 (pH - 7.4))
Upon rearranging we get:
B.E. = 0.9287 * HCO3 + 13.77 * pH - 124.58
The final result is:
B.E. = 0.02786 * pCO2 * 10 (pH - 6.1)13.77 * pH - 124.58 Base Excess And Bicarbonate Calculator

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