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Resources for Canadian Physicians

This page contains links to various pages containing information that would be helpful for Canadian physicians. It contains sub sections on child immunization, adult immunization, travel advisory, SARS information, needle stick advise, and connection to various health science libraries.

Childhood immunization

  • National Consensus Conference on Pertussis
  • Statement on Influenza Vaccination for the 2002-2003
  • Vaccines and Autism
  • Vaccines and Autism
  • Canada: Immunization Guide
  • Canada: National Immunization Conferences
  • National Advisory Committee
  • Control of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

  • Adult immunization

  • Directory of Immunization Resources - 2002 Edition
  • Pertussis
  • Influenza Vaccination
  • Immunization Conferences

  • Travel Health Advisory

  • Travel Health Advisory

  • SARS information

  • SARS Page
  • SARS Watch Canada
  • SARS information for physicians
  • Respiratory infection information for physicians
  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

  • Needle stick injury

  • Needle stick injury

  • Health Science libraries

  • International Development Research Centre Library
  • National Library of Medicine
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Library
  • NIH library
  • WHO heath library
  • University of Calgary
  • Health Sciences Library
  • HKN
  • Health and Human Services Library
  • BC Library
  • Kellogg health science library
  • The hospital for sick children
  • McMaster Health Science library
  • Ontario health link
  • Queen's library
  • University of Ottawa health science library
  • Allyn and Betty Taylor library
  • University of Saskatchewan, Health Sciences Library
  • Canadian library of family medicine
  • Departmental Library

  • Cancer terms:
    Micrometastasis: This term refers to very small metastasis in a tissue. Usually this is found only by special techniques and often involves only few cells. The significance of micrometastasis is not as well characterized as regular larger metastasis Resources for Canadian Physicians

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