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Cancer blog: Herceptin Results 'Simply Stunning': Breast Cancer Researhers

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Oct 20, 2005

Herceptin Results 'Simply Stunning': Breast Cancer Researhers

Herceptin Results 'Simply Stunning': Breast Cancer Researhers
Herceptin in action
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The results from herceptin (trastuzumab) in combination with chemotherapy is 'simply stunning' as per the leading breast cancer researchers. The clinical trial result released yesterday (see blog post from yesterday) is the third consecutive large trial that had consistently showed a fifty percent reduction in the risk of breast cancer recurrence with the use of herceptin in combination with chemotherapy in early stage breast cancer patients who have over expression of Her2 gene. With the new clinical trial results released there is now experience from 6,500 patients for the use of herceptin and chemotherapy in this group of patients.

"This is probably the biggest evidence of a treatment effect I've ever seen in oncology", said Richard Gelber of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, said.

"The results are simply stunning," said Hortobagyi from the MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX and a leading breast cancer researcher. "All three trials show highly significant reductions in the risk of recurrence, of a magnitude seldom observed in oncology trials," he said.

The medical research community has greeted the results with uncommon enthusiasm.

When the preliminary findings were first released last May at the annual conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, attendees gave the presenters a standing ovation.

The significance is huge for women threatened by breast cancer, said doctor Martine Piccart, chairwoman of the Breast International Group.

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Cancer blog: Herceptin Results 'Simply Stunning': Breast Cancer Researhers

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