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What is my risk for breast cancer?

Forget about general breast cancer statistics, you may want to know what is your risk of breast cancer and survival based on your unique situation. You may find the answer to the question below.

What is my risk of breast cancer?

Your risk in 10 years with different treatments (Mayo Clinic-Go to the bottom of the page and select "I understand")
Breast cancer risk assessment tool for physicians  (Requires registration)
Breast cancer risk assessment tool (National Cancer Institute)
Breast cancer risk assessment tool  (requires macromedia player installed) (University of Texas)
Download breast cancer risk assessment tool from NCI (Windows version) (National Cancer Institute)
Download breast cancer risk assessment tool from NCI (Mac version) (National Cancer Institute)
Your breast cancer risk (Harward University)
Detailed breast cancer risk calculator (Dr. Steven B. Halls)
Calculate your breast cancer risk (
Breast cancer risk assessment test (AstraZeneca)
Assess your risk for breast, ovarian, endometrial, and cervical cancers (Womens Cancer Network)
Hereditary cancer risk assessment tool (Aurora Health Care)
Breast cancer risk assessment tool (M.Plan)
Understanding Mathematical Models for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Counseling (David M. Euhus, MD)

Selected reading
The Truth About Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
by Alan B. Hollingsworth M.D., Allan Hollingsworth, Alan B. Hollingsworth
Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book
by by Susan M. Love, Karen Lindsey, Marcia Williams
Assess Your True Risk of Breast Cancer
by Patricia T. Kelly Ph.D
Variety of breast cancer books
By various authors
Close to the Heart: A Family's Encounter with Breast Cancer
Barry D. Teater
First, You Cry
by Betty Rollin
Dreamwalk, A Survivor's Journey Through Breast Cancer
by Rachael Clearwater
What Is Cancer Anyway?: Explaining Cancer to Children of All Ages
By Karen L. Carney
What You Really Need to Know About Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Their Families
by Rob Buckman, Robert, Dr. Buckman, Robert Bast, Martin Nichols

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