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MedicineWorld.Org - Cancer-Breast cancer and the African American women
Breast cancer and African American women

Breast cancer and the African American women

          Breast is the leading cancer site among African American women (101.5 per 100,000) and the second leading cause of death among African American women, (exceeded only by lung cancer). Also African American women have a higher breast cancer death rate (31.0 per 100,000) compared to women of any other racial or ethnic population. An estimated 20,000 new cases of breast cancer and 5,700 deaths occur yearly among African American women. Breast cancer incidence is lower among African Americans, compared to the white population; however, mortality rates among African American women are approximately 28 percent higher than among white women. African American women's survival rate for breast cancer has showing a trend towards increase in the recent years. 73 percent of the African American Women who is diagnosed with breast cancer survive 5 years compared to 88 percent among Caucasian women. Difference biologic and genetic differences in tumors including mutations specific to African American women, the presence of risk factors, access to health system, health behaviors and relatively later stage at the time of diagnosis of disease may contributed to decreased survival of African American women with breast cancer. African American women should be encouraged to have greater participation in screening mammograms, and should be encouraged to seek medical attention at the earliest detection of breast cancer. This is the best method to decrease the mortality of breast cancer among African American women.

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