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MedicineWorld.Org - Cancer-Breast cancer and the Hispanics and Latinas American
Breast cancer and Hispanics and Latinas American

Breast cancer and the Hispanics and Latinas American

          Hispanic/Latina women show get lower mammogram screening rates compared to non-Hispanic/Latina White women. They also tend to seek and attain health care services much less frequently compared to other ethnic groups. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Hispanic/Latina women. An estimated 11,000 Hispanics/Latinas are estimated to be diagnosed with breast cancer each year. An estimated 1,600 deaths from breast cancer are expected to occur among Hispanics/Latinas every year. Even though Hispanic/Latina women have lower breast cancer rates (83.5 per 100,000), compared to Caucasian women they are more likely to die from the disease (17.2 per 100,000). This is due to the fact that Hispanic/Latina women are less likely to participate in mammography screening. Hispanic/Latina women are more likely to be presented with breast cancer at later stages. Low income, low educational attainment, lack of health insurance, inability to speak English, lack of awareness of breast cancer risks and screening methods, acculturation level and lack of physician referral play important roles in the lower rates of screening utilization by Hispanic/Latina women.

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