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Recurrent breast cancer treatment: resources

Recurrent Breast Cancer treatment
          Unfortunately once the breast cancer is treated there is no guarantee for complete cure from this disease and some times can come back as late as 20 or 30 years or more. Once a cancer comes back after an initial presentation, this is called recurrence. Breast cancer recurrence can occur locally (in the breast or near the mastectomy area) or in some other places like bones, liver, lung or brain. The treatment options in locally recurrent breast cancer will largely depend on the type of initial surgery and the type of recurrence. If the initial surgery was lumpectomy, the physician may suggest a modified radical mastectomy for local recurrence. On the other hand if the initial surgical treatment of choice was mastectomy, the recurrence is treated by re-resection if possible. In both cases radiation therapy may be offered to decrease the chance of a further recurrence. Your physician may also offer chemotherapy or hormonal therapy depending upon the size, extend and hormonal status of the tumor. If the distance recurrence is a one or two specific places in one organ (like one two spots in the liver), surgical resection of the metastatic lesion(s) followed by chemotherapy, hormonal therapy or radiation therapy may be a reasonable option. If surgical removal of the metastatic spots is not an option as in cases of multiple spots in the same organ or metastatic spots in two different organs they are treated mainly with chemotherapy or hormonal therapy alone. Local treatments like surgery or radiation therapy may be sometimes used in this setting to relieve symptoms like pain.

Breast cancer treatment

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