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Surgery for breast cancer Lumpectomy:

Breast Cancer Surgery: Lumpectomy   

       Lumpectomy involves removal of breast lump with a safe margin of normal tissue around to make sure that the whole of the tumor was removed. If the edges of the surgical tissue is found to be involved with cancer the surgeon may advise a second surgery to remove more of breast tissue (re-resection). Sometimes partial or segmental mastectomy or quadrantectomy may be required. This involves removal of more tissue than usually done with lumpectomy. The surgery may result in temporary swelling, redness, tenderness and hardness during the period that immediately follows surgery. Radiation therapy is an integral part of treatment if lumpectomy is done as   opposed to mastectomy. If you are going to receive chemotherapy, the radiation therapy is usually delayed until the chemotherapy is completed. It is important that you to undergo radiation therapy if your surgical treatment of choice was lumpectomy, otherwise the risk of recurrence of breast cancer. Radiation therapy usually lasts for six to seven weeks. For early stage breast cancer (stage I or II), breast conservation therapy (combination of lumpectomy and radiation) is as effective as mastectomy with no difference in survival. Lumpectomy may not be suitable for every one including women who have cancer in multiple places in the breast.  

Breast Cancer Surgery: Lumpectomy

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