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Epidemiology of colon cancer

From Epidemiology of colon cancer

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Colon cancer incidence is not much different between males and females, however colon cancer is slightly more prevalent in women compared to men (ratio of 1.2:1) but the rectal cancer is more common in males (ratio of 1.7:1).

Colon cancer is more common among elderly persons compared to younger persons. The risk of developing colon cancer begins to increase from the age of 40 and goes up with every passing year. The median age of presentation of colon cancer varies according to the country. In the United States the median age at presentation is 72 years.

Colon cancer is more common in African Americans compared to the Caucasian population in the United States. The incidence of colon cancer has bee on the increase in African Americans since 1973 and the incidence in this ethnic group has gone up by about 30 percent during the last 3 decades.

Incidence of colorectal cancer varies widely from country to country. Countries which are more industrialized like United States, Canada, UK, Western Europe, Australia have a much higher incidence of colorectal cancer compared to less industrialized parts of the world like Asia, Africa, and South America.

Cancer terms:
Invasive: Invading to surrounding tissues. A cancer is said to be invasive if it breaks the normal boundaries and invade to the surrounding tissues. Example an invasive cancer or carcinoma is a cancer or carcinoma that has broken down the normal surrounding boundaries. See cancer terms for more cancer related terms. Epidemiology of colon cancer

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