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Colon cancer statistics

          Colon cancer claims a third rank in the list of most common cancers diagnosed in the United States (skin cancer excluded). American cancer society estimate that this year a total of 106,370 people will be diagnosed with new colon cancer and an estimated 56,730 patients will die from colon cancer. It is estimated that more women (55,970) will have new diagnosis of colon cancer compare to men (50,400). However the total deaths from colon cancer is expected to be about equal in men (28,320) and women (28410). Together with rectal cancer, colon cancer claims about 10 percent of all cancer deaths.

          The death rates from colon cancer have been decreasing for the last several years. Many people are getting routine screening colonoscopy and this may be preventing many cases of colon cancer and finding many other in an earlier stage where cure is more possible.

Cancer terms:
Mammogram: This is an X-ray technique for visualization of the soft tissues of the breast. The machine works similar to the X-ray machine used for doing chest X-rays. Breast tumors because of its higher density compared to normal tissues, are seen as abnormalities on a mammogram. Mammogram is able to detect tumors larger than approximately 1-2 mm if calcification is present. If a suspicious spot is identified on a mammogram, your doctor will recommend a biopsy. See section on medical imaging techniques for details. See cancer terms for more cancer related terms.

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