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Treatment of non-metastatic colorectal cancer

From Treatment of non-metastatic colorectal cancer

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The primary goal of treatment in colorectal cancer is aimed at complete removal of all the cancer tissue and cells from the body whenever possible. Surgical resection of the primary tumor and the lymph nodes draining from that area are integral part of colorectal cancer patients who are considered for curative treatment options. After surgical removal of the tumor and lymph nodes draining that area options of chemotherapy and or radiation therapy may be considered depending on the stage of the colorectal cancer and location of the tumor. Rectal cancer is associated with higher risk of local recurrence and radiation therapy in combination with chemotherapy is usually undertaken after surgery, in patients who have lymph node positive rectal cancer. Radiation therapy is not usually considered in patients with colon cancer, but post-operative chemotherapy is usually administered to patients who have lymph node positive colon cancer.

  • Surgical treatment of colorectal cancer
  • Neoadjuvant (pre operative) therapy of rectal cancer
  • Adjuvant therapy of therapy of colorectal cancer

  • Cancer terms:
    Invasive: Invading to surrounding tissues. A cancer is said to be invasive if it breaks the normal boundaries and invade to the surrounding tissues. Example an invasive cancer or carcinoma is a cancer or carcinoma that has broken down the normal surrounding boundaries. See cancer terms for more cancer related terms. Treatment of non-metastatic colorectal cancer

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