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MedicineWorld.Org: Esophageal cancer

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  • Esophageal Cancer

    Comprehensive resources for esophageal cancer
    The following links provide comprehensive information on esophageal cancer. You may also find a section on what you ask the doctor about your esophageal cancer. Please select the link and proceed....

    Esophageal cancer: resources

    Comprehensive resources for esophageal cancer
    Esophageal cancer information center   (CancerBACUP)
    Esophageal cancer   (eMedicine)
    Esophageal cancer   (Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center)
    Esophageal cancer   (National Cancer Institute)
    Esophageal cancer   (National Cancer Institute)
    Esophageal cancer   (National Cancer Institute)
    Esophageal cancer   (The society of thoracic surgeons)
    Esophageal cancer   (Johns Hopkins Pathology)
    Esophageal cancer   (Hendrick health system)
    Esophageal cancer   (National Cancer Institute)
    Cancer of the esophagus   (
    Esophageal Cancer Information Center   (Cancer consultants)
    Esophageal cancer   (Baptist)
    Esophageal cancer   (The virtual health care team)
    Esophageal cancer   (American Cancer Society -pdf file)
    Esophageal cancer
    Smith Medical Library

    What to ask your doctor?
    What Should You Ask Your Doctor?   (American Cancer Society)
    Questions to Ask the Doctor   (American Cancer Society)

    Esophageal cancer: Selected reading

    The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Esophageal Cancer
    by Icon Health Publications
    21st Century Complete Medical Guide to Esophageal Cancer
    by PM Medical Health News

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