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  • Esophageal Cancer

    Follow up after treatment
    Follow up exams and investigations after completion of treatment is an integral part of the overall care for the esophageal cancer patient. At the time of follow up your physician will do a physical exam as well as some tests to see if you are remaining cancer free. Periodic endoscopy examination may be recommended to detect early changes associated with the return of esophageal cancer. These are very important to make sure you remain healthy and free from the cancer.

    Living with esophageal cancer
    Living with the diagnosis of esophageal cancer can be very challenging. It may be very difficult to cope up with the diagnosis of esophageal cancer. You may feel upset and guilty about your smoking or drinking habits It is very important to accept the disease as it is. Nothing can change the past and you have to live with this diagnosis for the rest of your life. Accepting this inevitable fact will help you to proceed more smoothly through rest of your life. The end stage of the esophageal cancer may be especially troublesome with significant problems associated with food intake, drooping saliva and pain. Working together with your oncologist will help you to cope up with these unpleasant symptoms.

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    Follow up after esophageal cancer
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