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Pancreas Cancer
Who are at higher risks for pancreatic cancer? What are the risk factors for pancreatic cancer?

  • Male: Males have slightly higher risk of getting pancreas cancer compared to females. This difference in gender is more pronounced in the younger patients compared more elderly population.
  • Race: African Americans have 1.5 fold increased risk of acquiring pancreatic cancer compared to the Caucasian race. Black males have the highest risk of pancreatic cancer.
  • Age: Cancer of the pancreas is more common in the elderly population. Two thirds of the newly diagnosed pancreatic cancer occur in people above 65 years.
  • Smokers: Cigarette smokers have at least two fold increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer.
  • Alcohol: A definite relationship between alcohol and increased risk of pancreas cancer has not been established.
  • Caffeine: The contribution of caffeine to the development of pancreatic cancer is not well proven, however at least one study has suggested that excess caffeine consumption may increase risk of pancreatic cancer. There is some evidence to show that
  • Diabetes: There is no good proof to suggest that diabetes increases risk pancreas cancer.
  • Genetic factors: If someone in your close family is affected with pancreas cancer then your risk of developing pancreas cancer is increased.

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