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Pancreatic cancer: Resources

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Living with pancreatic cancer
Follow up   (CancerBacup)
Complications with pancreatic cancer   (Mayo clinic)
What can be done for the pain that is associated with Pancreatic Cancer?   (National Pancreas Foundation)
Talking to children about cancer   (CancerBacUp)
You're not alone   (CancerBacUp)
self-care in pancreatic cancer   (Mayo clinic)
The emotional effects of cancer   (CancerBacup)
Talking about your cancer   (CancerBacup)
Management of central line   (CancerBacup)
Where can I find support?   (
How is pain of pancreatic cancer managed?   (Johns Hopkins Hospital)
How are diet & exercise affected?   (Johns Hopkins Hospital)
What should we expect during the final stages?   (Johns Hopkins Hospital)
Diet and Pancreatic Cancer   (Cancer Researh UK)
Pain control issues in pancreatic cancer   (National Institute of Health)
Nutrition in pancreatic cancer   (National Institute of Health)
Support for People with Pancreatic Cancer   (National Institute of Health)
Coping Skills   (Mayo clinic)
How Pancreatic Cancer Changed My Life   (Mary L. Zapor)
Living with Advanced Cancer   (Cancer Researh UK)

Complimentary and alternativemedicine
Complementary and Alternative Medicine   (Mayo clinic)
What are alternative or complementary treatments of pancreatic cancer?   (

Pancreatic cancer: Selected reading

100 Questions & Answers About Pancreatic Cancer
by Eileen O'Reilly, Joanne Frankel Kelvin
The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Pancreatic Cancer
by Icon Health Publications

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