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Your gateway to information on bladder cancer

Bladder Cancer

Comprehensive resources for bladder cancer
The following links provide comprehensive information on bladder cancer. You may also find a section on what you ask the doctor about your bladder cancer. Please select the link and proceed....

  • Overview
  • Risk factors
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Follow up
  • Comprehensive

  • Bladder cancer: resources

    Bladder cancer comprehensive information
    Bladder cancer   (MEDLINEplus)
    Bladder cancer   (National Cancer Institute)
    Bladder cancer: Guidelines   (NCCN)
    Bladder cancer information   (CancerBACUP)
    Bladder cancer   (Mayo clinie)
    Bladder cancer   (eMedicine)
    Bladder cancer slide show   (University of Virginia)
    Bladder cancer home page   (National Cancer Institute)
    Bladder cancer   (
    Bladder cancer   (BC Cancer Agnency)
    Bladder cancer   (
    Bladder cancer   (BUPA)
    Bladder cancer   (Cancer Infromation and support i)
    Bladder cancer   (UPMC Cancer Centers)
    Bladder Cancer WebCafe   (WebCafe)
    Bladder cancer   (University of Miami School of Medicine)
    A short review of bladder cancer   (Surgical tutor)
    Bladder cancer   (Oregon Health & Science University )

    Bladder cancer: Selected reading

    The Guide to Living With Bladder Cancer   (Mark P. Schoenberg , Johns Hopkins Genitourinary Oncology)
    Beating Cancer With Nutrition   (by Patrick Quillin, Noreen Quillin)
    Bladder cancer: treatment options   (by Medifocus)
    Cancer of the Urinary Bladder   (by William L. Caldwell )
    Renal, Bladder, Prostate and Testicular Cancer   (by CPC Oncologic Urology )

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