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Bladder cancer
In the year 2004 about 60,240 new cases of bladder cancer will be diagnosed in the United States. Incidence of bladder cancer is three times more in males compared to females. In the year 2004 there will be about 44,640 cases of male bladder cancer and 15,600 cases of female bladder cancer in the United States. Total deaths from bladder cancer in the year 2004 will be about 12,710 and this would include about 8,780 men and 3,930 women.

What are the types of bladder cancer?
The most common type of bladder cancer is called transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) and this accounts for about 90 percent of cases. Less common types of bladder cancer include squamous cell carcinomas, and adenocarcinomas. Treatment approaches may vary depending on these cell types.

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