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Bladder Cancer

Can bladder cancer be prevented?
Some of the risk factors that are associated with bladder cancer like, cigarette smoking are modifiable, while others like age and race are non-modifiable. You can do the following to decrease your risk of developing bladder cancer.

  • Stop smoking
    Since smoking is the greatest risk factor for the development of bladder cancer, stopping smoking can markedly decrease your chance for the development of bladder cancer.
  • Avoid or minimize exposure to cancer causing chemicals at work place.
    Chemicals that may predispose to bladder cancer are called aromatic amines. These are used in variety of industries including leather, rubber, printing, paint and textiles industries. If you are working in any of these industries follow all the safety recommendations of the company. This will decrease your risk of developing bladder cancer.
  • Drink plenty of water
    A recent study has shown that drinking plenty of fluid will decrease the risk of bladder cancer probably by diluting the cancer causing materials in the urine. Try to drink at least 11 cups of fluids per day.
  • Diet
    Diets containing broccoli and cauliflower may decrease your risk of bladder cancer.
Screening for bladder cancer
Patients who have high risk of developing bladder cancer may undergo screening (looking for disease before symptoms appear) for bladder cancer. Screening for bladder cancer is not usually done in people with no significantly increased risk of developing bladder cancer. The following tests are usually done to screen for bladder cancer.
  • Urine test looking for cancer cells
    Examination of urine under a microscope may show cancer cells much before any symptoms due to bladder cancer may develop.
  • Cystoscopy
    Cystoscopy can detect bladder cancer much earlier than showing up symptoms. A biopsy can be taken with the cystoscopy and this may confirm the diagnosis of bladder cancer.
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