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From New cancer drug stops cancer growth

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New cancer drug stops cancer growth

A new study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) , by Gordon Mills, MD, PhD, chairman of molecular therapeutics, University of Texas M.D Anderson Cancer Center in Houston points to possibility of developing powerful drugs to control cancer in future. This new drug called, Sphingomab targets a molecule that promotes cancer cell growth and shows promise for stopping the growth of tumors in their process of multiplication. The drug, Sphingomab, may even completely remove some tumors, while leaving healthy surrounding tissue alone as per the results of early animal experimental studies.

If the same findings is seen in human beings, this cancer drug may open a new frontier in the field of target cancer therapies which produces minimal side effects as per Gordon Mills. This drug represents a multipronged attack on cancer. Sphingomab destroys a molecule that is required for cancer growth known as sphingosine-1-phosphate, or S1P. High levels of S1P have been found in tumor cells and have been associated with aggressive cancers that build up resistance to traditional chemotherapy drugs. S1P has a direct growth promoting effect on cancer cells, stimulating the cells to. S1P also plays a role in the tumor angiogenesis (new vessel formation in the tumor). Sphingomab works like a molecular sponge to soak up S1P. If the cancer cells are devoid of SIP they stop growing and die. The drug Sphingomab also affects the tumor angiogenesis where by the affecting new blood vessel formation in the tumor. This will starve the tumor cells of nutrients and cause an early death of the cancer cells. Sphingomab is a monoclonal antibody. Sphingomab is the first cancer drug to target a lipid molecule. Targeting a lipid molecule would minimize the risk of developing cancer drug resistance.

These researchers studied the drug in mouse where the drug has completely eliminated about three-fifths of ovarian tumors and halted the growth of about half of lung and breast tumors and melanomas. Most important information is that all this was done without any significant side effects at least in the short term of the study period.

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