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From Cancer killing compound goes past the Blood-Brain Barrier

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Cancer killing compound goes past the Blood-Brain Barrier

Brain is provided with a natural protector called the Blood-brain barrier. For decades this has stymied the efforts for treating brain cancer as it is made tough for the tumor-fighting drugs to enter through the barrier.

However now researchers have identified a cancer-killing compound that can get through the barrier. This compound the doctors may help to treat a range of invasive brain malignancies in a better way.

Blood brain barrier protects the brain from foreign substances. But according to a study published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the cancer killing compound JV-1-36 is able to sneak through the barrier and get into the brain of lab mice.

Research team member Dr. William A. Banks who is also a professor of geriatrics, pharmacology and physiological science at the St. Louis University School of Medicine had stated that brain cancer could be cured if it is possible for the drugs to get into the brain.

Banks also added that the cancer fighting drugs are toxic not only to the cancer cells but also to other cells. That is the reason for the blood brain barrier to keep them out of the brain.

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