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Lung cancer blog: More federal funding needed for lung cancer

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Aug 21, 2005

More federal funding needed for lung cancer

More federal funding needed for lung cancer Lung cancer is a very serious problem facing both men and women taking an estimated 163,510 American lives a year. This death rate is more than breast and prostate cancers combined. You may be surprised to know that only one half of federal research dollars go in to lung cancer research compared to breast cancer. If you take in to account the rates of deaths from both diseases the disparity in federal funding for lung cancer stands at a surprising 1 to 8 low ratio compared to federal funding for breast cancer.

You may wonder why the lung cancer, despite being the major cancer problem in both men and women, gets little attention and federal dollar support and why so little money on finding a cure for lung cancer. The reasons may be frightening and chilling. As per Dr. Joan Schiller, an oncologist at the University of Wisconsin, one reason is that there are very few survivors of lung cancer who can lobby effectively against Washington to increase federal funding as opposed to breast cancer. Another reason is the unfortunate stigmata associated with lung cancer that suffers of lung cancer caused this disease to happen to themselves, by cigarette smoking. Yet another reason may be the fatalistic view that lung cancer is just "too difficult to treat."

Whatever may be reason, the fact is that simply that federal funding for lung cancer research is obviously and significantly too low, given the facts associated with lung cancer. And those who control the federal purse strings should do something about it. It is time for the lung cancer patients and survivors to speak in one voice to increase federal funding of lung cancer.

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Lung cancer blog: More federal funding needed for lung cancer

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