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Lung Cancer Blog: Intake Of Iron And Calcium May Increase The Risk Of Lung Cancer

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Dec 1, 2005

Intake Of Iron And Calcium May Increase The Risk Of Lung Cancer

Intake Of Iron And Calcium May Increase The Risk Of Lung Cancer
I was thinking small amounts of iron and other multivitamins may benefit you and may not do any harm, but I am reading a study, which suggest otherwise. This study says that small amounts of iron and calcium in the diet or in the form of supplements may play an important role in the development of lung cancer, especially among smokers.

That's interesting and may be something to think about. Researchers sometime say the micronutrients are good and sometimes say they are bad. They now say that iron, zinc, and calcium are micronutrients that participate in the metabolism of damaging forms of oxygen, known as reactive oxygen species. Intake of these micronutrients has been associated with higher risks of certain cancers, such as colorectal, breast, and prostate cancers.

Many tend to take lots of multivitamins thinking that they are good for health. This study suggests that this may not be the case.

"Some recent literature has associated these micronutrients with disease including cancer, but nobody had looked into it in the lung," Dr. David C. Christiani from Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School says.

"The message here for smokers and for former smokers is, don't take large amounts of supplements, particularly those with iron or calcium, unless you have a medical indication for them," warned Christiani.

Iron and calcium were associated with a higher risk of lung cancer but zinc was associated with a lower risk of lung cancer. However, the associations were stronger when all 3 micronutrients were analyzed in the same model.

"The associations hold true, no matter the source of the micronutrients," Christiani said. "Iron and calcium in particular, both dietary and in supplements, are associated with increased risk of lung cancer."

The investigators also found differences related to smoking history, with the effects being particularly strong in current smokers, and less so in former smokers.


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Lung Cancer Blog: Intake Of Iron And Calcium May Increase The Risk Of Lung Cancer

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