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Dec 7, 2005

DNA Chip To Diagnose Lung Cancer

DNA Chip To Diagnose Lung Cancer
DNA Chip Research, a company specializing in the development of DNA chips for medial diagnosis has announced that it has developed a prototype DNA chip for diagnosing lung cancer in collaboration with Chiba University.

This newly developed DNA chip for lung cancer carries about 1,300 genes related to lung cancer. Results of a recent study indicate that this chip can predict lymph node involvement in patients with lung cancer with accuracy about 85 percent of the time. Chiba University plans to evaluate the prototype by cooperating with medical institutions.

DNA chips come in three basic forms. The first type, which is also, the oldest type is called sequencing chips. With sequencing chips, short segments of are placed in a microarray. Target samples are then introduced to the chip and the segment that the sample hybridizes with determines the result.

The second variety of DNA chips is known as the expression chip. These are designed to determine the degree of expression of a certain genetic sequence by measuring the rate or amount of messenger ribonucleic acid being produced by the target gene.

The third type of chip is devoted to comparative genomic hybridization. It is designed to help clinicians determine the relative amount of a given genetic sequence in a particular patient.

It is not surprising tow watch the DNA-chip development process proceeding at a pace that it surprises even the most optimistic members of this fast-emerging industry. The only real questions are how they will develop and how quickly.

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Dec 3, 2005

Run For Lung Cancer: A Rare Event?

Run For Lung Cancer: A Rare Event?
I read about run for breast cancer awareness all the time. When was the last time I saw run for lung cancer awareness? May be I am getting old and forgetting things, but I don't really see lots of awareness walks, runs or mountain climbing if favor of lung cancer. So when I read about one it's news for me.

Saint Joseph's Hospital and Lung Cancer Caring Ambassadors Program organized this run for lung cancer awareness at the Concourse in Sandy Springs, Georgia. About 300 people participated in the lung cancer awareness run and walk.

The organizers say that it was a huge success and they were thrilled with the public's response to the first event to raise awareness, provide education and to champion advocacy for lung cancer.

Maggie Riley, Director of Saint Joseph's Hospital Center for Cancer Care and Research says, "November is Lung Cancer Awareness month which is why we chose this time of year."

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Dec 1, 2005

Intake Of Iron And Calcium May Increase The Risk Of Lung Cancer

Intake Of Iron And Calcium May Increase The Risk Of Lung Cancer
I was thinking small amounts of iron and other multivitamins may benefit you and may not do any harm, but I am reading a study, which suggest otherwise. This study says that small amounts of iron and calcium in the diet or in the form of supplements may play an important role in the development of lung cancer, especially among smokers.

That's interesting and may be something to think about. Researchers sometime say the micronutrients are good and sometimes say they are bad. They now say that iron, zinc, and calcium are micronutrients that participate in the metabolism of damaging forms of oxygen, known as reactive oxygen species. Intake of these micronutrients has been associated with higher risks of certain cancers, such as colorectal, breast, and prostate cancers.

Many tend to take lots of multivitamins thinking that they are good for health. This study suggests that this may not be the case.

"Some recent literature has associated these micronutrients with disease including cancer, but nobody had looked into it in the lung," Dr. David C. Christiani from Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School says.

"The message here for smokers and for former smokers is, don't take large amounts of supplements, particularly those with iron or calcium, unless you have a medical indication for them," warned Christiani.

Iron and calcium were associated with a higher risk of lung cancer but zinc was associated with a lower risk of lung cancer. However, the associations were stronger when all 3 micronutrients were analyzed in the same model.

"The associations hold true, no matter the source of the micronutrients," Christiani said. "Iron and calcium in particular, both dietary and in supplements, are associated with increased risk of lung cancer."

The investigators also found differences related to smoking history, with the effects being particularly strong in current smokers, and less so in former smokers.

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Nov 28, 2005

Cancer Patients Lacking Doctor's Counseling About Quitting Smoking

Cancer Patients Lacking Doctor's Counseling About Quitting Smoking
If only the doctors are doing what they are supposed to be doing, the many cancer patients may not be smoking. A new study I was reading suggest that doctors are not counseling enough to newly diagnosed cancer patients about stopping of smoking.

This article is published in the recent issue of the journal Cancer. The article suggests that best time for a cancer doctor to advise against smoking may be immediately after the diagnosis of cancer. Researchers say that without this counseling from doctors, about 50 percent of these patients would continue to smoke.

Mayo Clinic says that 26% of all Americans are smokers and this means that about one in four of all Americans smokes cigarettes. Smoking is associated with increased risk of various cancers including lung cancer. Smoking also causes increased risk of coronary artery disease.

May be it is time for you to throw away your pack of cigarettes and quit.

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Nov 27, 2005

Death Of Chris Whitley From Lung Cancer

Death Of Chris Whitley From Lung Cancer
I am quoting directly from

Words from Trixie Whitley:
My father took his last breath last night the 20th of November. I would like to make it clear that the people he needed and loved the most were with him while and when he left in peace. Those were Dan, Susann, my beloved mother Helene and me.

I would also like to ask you guys to understand there is a very fine line between Chris Whitley the legendary musician and Chris Whitley the Father, Brother, and Lover.

This was my Dad's favorite line from the first song I ever wrote, this is for you Daddy:

"Like the feather we blow away, in the thoughtlessness of words others say."

All faith and peace,
Trixie Whitley

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Nov 21, 2005

Chris Whitely Is Dying Of Lung Cancer

Chris Whitely Is Dying From Lung Cancer
Chris Whitely, the famous singer and songwriter has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer as per a posting on Blue star's official website. In this posting his brother Dan writes that the Chris Whitely's disease is in its late stages. He also says that Whitley is currently in home hospice care.

Dan adds, "Chris is resting peacefully and is in little physical pain. At one point today he grabbed my hand firmly as I spoke to him, looked at me and smiled his usual knowing smile but that is all and that was quite enough."

Whitley cancelled his US tour dates in October 05 due to an unspecified illness.

At Daniel Whitley and Susann Buerger write the following message: "I've gotten tons of email and IM's regarding Chris's health, Chris is in fact very very ill. He is not however in the confines of a cold stark hospital room but is in a comfortable warm home with hospice care at his disposal, surrounded by much love, light and support of family 24 hours a day. I felt all his friends and fans have a right to know what's going on. At the request of Chris, me, his daughter Trixie and the rest of the family we would only like to ask people to respect Chris's privacy as well as our privacy at this time. I promise we will be releasing updates on Chris's condition in the next couple weeks"

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Nov 19, 2005

New Antibody Profiling Approach For Lung Cancer

New Antibody Profiling Approach For Lung Cancer
Cancer cells may contain many antigens that are alien to the body and the immune system of the body may respond by producing antibodies that attack these apparent foreign antigens. It is possible to recognize the antibodies in the serum of cancer patients and this may help in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Researchers have developed a new and promising antibody profiling technique that provides a high degree of early diagnostic accuracy for non-small cell lung cancer. Led by Dr. Li Zong, of Chandler Medical Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, the research team recognized five non-small cell lung cancer-associated antibodies that precisely recognized 90 percent of the lung cancers in the study and only 5 percent as cancer that were not.

Zong said in a news release that serum tumor markers have the capability of being set up into diagnostic and therapeutic practice for improving outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer. Its potential uses include, "detecting or screening at an early stage, differentiating benign and malignant diseases, defining prognosis and defining stages and responses to therapy".

Researchers are expecting to develop a diagnostic assay aiding in the early detection of lung cancer in the near future.

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Nov 18, 2005

Reeve Responding To Treatment

Reeve Responding To Treatment
Dana Reeves, wife of "Superman" star Christopher Reeve, says that she is responding well to treatment and that her tumor is "shrinking and shrinking and shrinking."

Reeve, 44, won worldwide admiration for the support of her husband, Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed in a horse-riding accident in 1996 and died last year. She announced her lung cancer diagnosis in August.

"I'm beating the odds and defying every statistic the doctors can throw at me," Reeve told the audience at a fundraiser for The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation. "My prognosis looks better all the time."

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Nov 16, 2005

Why Vitamin A Supplementation Doesn't Decrease Lung Cancer Risk?

Why Vitamin A Supplementation Doesn't Decrease Lung Cancer Risk?
RAR Receptor. Credit Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research
Few years ago researchers were very exacted when they found protective effects of vitamin A on lung cancer in their laboratory studies. However, outside the laboratory in the human clinical trials of retinoids - natural and synthetic derivatives of vitamin A- for lung cancer prevention have been mostly unsuccessful.

Now researchers are searching for answers to why this is so, and a new study, from researchers at Dartmouth, concluded that targeting a previously unknown variant of a common retinoid receptor called RAR-beta may help restore the beneficial effects of retinoids in lung cancer cells.

They found that this variant -called RAR-beta-1' - was expressed in normal lung cells and in cells sensitive to retinoic acid, but was not expressed in lung cancer cells or in cells resistant to retinoic acid treatment.

When the researchers treated cancer cells with a compound called azacytidine, RAR-beta-2 expression was restored but not RAR-beta-1' expression. This suggests that RAR-beta-1' has different characteristics and functions than other known forms of RAR-beta, and that it may play a role in retinoid resistance.

"Taken together, the data presented here directly implicate a critical role for RAR-beta-1' in mediating retinoid biologic effects in the lung and perhaps other organ sites," the study authors wrote.

"The frequent expression of RAR-beta-1' in lung carcinogenesis underscores its likely important biologic or clinical role," they wrote. "Identification of pharmacologic approaches that restore RAR-beta-1' expression would provide a basis for future retinoid-based combination strategies for lung cancer therapy or chemoprevention."

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Nov 13, 2005

Dana Reeve Bravely Fighting Her Lung Cancer

Dana Reeve Bravely Fighting Her Lung Cancer
Dana Reeves, the 45 year old widow of late Christopher Reeve, needs praise for her courage as she is battling lung cancer, just a year after her superman star husband died. Dana Reeves supported her paralyzed husband over a decade until his tragic death in October last year. Now she is fighting her own lung cancer and she is doing it bravely.

Her father Charles Morosini says, "She had to have enormous pluck and courage to stick by her husband for nine-and-a-half years, and she's the same tough kid, you can't get her down.

"She's responding as well as one could expect to the treatment, better than average. It's going very, very well [and] she takes it very gracefully."

"Now, more than ever, I feel Chris with me as I face this challenge," Dana Reeve, said in a statement at the time of her diagnosis. "I look to him as the ultimate example of defying the odds with strength, courage and hope in the face of life's adversities."

Dana Reeves sets an example for ultimate courage, determination and sacrifice.

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Lung cancer
We engage a never-ending daily struggle to understand and defeat the hidden mysteries of cancer. This is a long and laborious fight, but some moments stand out as grim reminders of the severity of the problem and ruthlessness of the enemy. We recently heard about the sad demise of Peter Jennings, who was the news anchor of ABC News for a long time.

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