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Epidemiology of lung cancer

MedicineWorld.Org: Epidemiology of lung cancer
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Epidemiology of lung cancer   

  Male gender
Lung cancer is more common in males compared to females, however as the incidence of smoking in women has increased the incidence of lung cancer is increasing in women. Recent statistics shows that the incidence of lung cancer in males is 86 per 100,000 and incidence in females is 57 per 100,000.

      Lung cancer is a disease of elderly population; the median age at which the diagnosis is made is about 70 years.

      Incidence of lung cancer varies

in different ethnic populations inside the United States. Highest incidence of lung cancer in America is found among African Americans and Hawaiians.

Geographical location
      There is a wide difference in incidence of lung cancer across the world in different geographic locations. The highest rates of lung cancer in the world are observed in Scotland and Wales. Within the United States, the highest incidence of lung cancer is seen in Northern Urban areas and along the Southern coast stretching from Texas to Florida.

Epidemiology of lung cancer

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