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Do family members of asbestos workers have a higher risk of mesothelioma?

From Do family members of asbestos workers have a higher risk of mesothelioma?

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Studies have shown that family members of mesothelioma workers have a higher risk of development of mesothelioma compared to the general population. Family environment of an asbestos worker generally have increased level of asbestos. Workers get exposure to asbestos at workplace and bring these asbestos fibers home in their hair, skin, cloths and other utilities. The worker will most likely wash his cloths in the family laundry together with the cloths of his wife and children, whereby contaminating their cloths. Since 1972 the law has required the asbestos workers to shower and change their cloths before leaving the work place and this has resulted in lower exposure levels in family members. One in 100 to 250 of the household contacts of asbestos workers may develop mesothelioma during their lifetime, but the risk of development of mesothelioma depends upon the degree of contamination of the household. One study has suggested that about half of all cases of mesothelioma in women may be due to household contact.

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Biopsy: Example: Ms. B is having a biopsy of the breast at the site of abnormality today. This means removal of a small part of the tumor or abnormality to determine the nature of the condition the patient is having. This removed piece is studied under microscope, to determine if the abnormality is benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Biopsy also give further information as to the exact nature of the condition, for example if the abnormality is determined to be cancer, examination of the specimen can often determine from which type of cell and what type of tissue the cancer is originating. This is important to make treatment decisions. See cancer terms for more cancer related terms. Do family members of asbestos workers have a higher risk of mesothelioma?

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