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Your gateway to information on staging of ovarian cancer

MedicineWorld.Org: Staging of ovarian cancer

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Staging of ovarian cancer   

       Primary tumor
  • T1A
    Tumor limited to one ovary, capsule intact
  • T1B
    Tumor limited to both ovaries, capsule intact
  • T1C
    Capsule ruptured or tumor on ovarian surface or cancer cells in the fluid from abdomen
  • T2A
    Extension to the pelvis and/or implants on the uterus and/or tubes
  • T2B
    Tumor extension to other pelvic tissues
  • T2C
    Pelvic extension with cancer cells in the abdominal fluid or peritoneum
  • T3A
    Involvement of peritoneal surface outside the pelvis (microscopic)
  • T3B
    Involvement of peritoneal surface outside the pelvis (visible by eye but size is 2 cm or less)
  • T3C
    Involvement of peritoneal surface outside the pelvis (size more than 2 cm)
Regional node involvement
  • N0
    No regional node involvement
  • N1
    Regional nodes involved
Distant Metastasis
  • M0
    No distant metastasis
  • M1
    Distant metastasis excluding peritoneal metastasis
  • Stage IA
    T1A N0 M0
  • Stage IB
    T1B N0 M0
  • Stage IC
    T1C N0 M0
  • Stage IIA
    T2A N0 M0
  • Stage IIB
    T2B N0 M0
  • Stage IIC
    T2C N0 M0
  • Stage IIIA
    T3A N0 M0
  • Stage IIIB
    T3B N0 M0
  • Stage IIIC
    T3C N0 M0 or any T with N1 and M0
  • Stage IV
    Any T any N with M1

Staging of ovarian cancer

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