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Symptoms of ovarian cancer   

  Symptoms of early stage ovarian cancer
      Early stage ovarian cancer may not produce any symptoms. Symptoms may appear as abdominal discomfort or pain, gastrointestinal upset, or constitutional symptoms like fever. These symptoms are so common in the general population and hence development of these symptoms usually arose suspicion of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer may grow to a size of about 12 centimeters (5 inches) before it start encroaching to other organs, and produce more distinctive symptoms like increased urinary frequency and rectal pressure or fluid in the abdomen. Physicians may detect early ovarian cancer
at the time of a routine pelvic examination or on a routine CT scan or ultrasound examination done for some other purpose.

Symptoms of advanced ovarian cancer
      In the later stages of ovarian cancer patients may present with symptoms of abdominal bloating or swelling. Large ovarian cancer may cause symptoms due to pressure on the adjacent structures. This may cause bladder or rectal symptoms. Some patients may develop fluid in the chest and this may cause difficulty in breathing.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

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