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Treatment of advanced stage ovarian cancer   


      Surgery plays a major role even in advanced stages of ovarian cancer. The goal of surgery in advanced stage of ovarian cancer is to remove maximum amount of cancer tissue. This is called tumor debulking. When an experienced gynecologic oncologist performs surgery; in a stage III ovarian cancer about half of the patients achieve a tumor reduction to the level of less than 1 cm tumor tissue. Patients who had optimal tumor debulking has higher chance of achieving a complete clinical response with systemic chemotherapy.

Systemic chemotherapy
      Those patients who had surgery
and optimal tumor debulking may benefit from further treatment with systemic chemotherapy. The chance of achieving a complete clinical response increases with degree of tumor debulking. Most commonly used chemotherapy drugs used in this phase of treatment includes Carboplatin, Paclitaxel, and Cisplatin.

Intraperitoneal chemotherapy

      Instillation of chemotherapy inside the abdomen combined with intravenous chemotherapy may help some patients. Studies have shown superior results with this regimen in patients who had optimal debulking of the tumor.

Treatment of advanced stage ovarian cancer

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