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Prostate Cancer Blog: Advances In Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Dec 5, 2005

Advances In Prostate Cancer Treatment

Advances In Prostate Cancer Treatment Photo credit: Bruce Fritz from University of Wisconsin
In olden days we used cobalt radiation therapy machines, which were imprecise caused more side effects for patients with prostate cancer. Now many radiation centers have IMRT units, which are much-advanced machines and uses computer technology to calculate the direction and depth of hundreds of radiation beams emitter by the machine. Technological advances also mean decreasing size of the radiation implants. In olden day radiation seeds were bulky and was imprecise due to its larger size. With all these advances radiation therapy for prostate cancer is getting better.

Two scientists Douglass Henderson, professor of engineering physics, and Bruce Thomadsen, professor of medical physics, have developed a trio of technologies to effectively treat prostate cancer. Central to their innovations are tiny radioactive seeds. Believe it or not! They are just few millimeters in diameter, but when they are properly placed, they can deliver radiation more accurately and effectively than the conventional radiation therapy seeds.

Directionally emitting radioactive sources, a device for placing needles and seeds was developed by Henderson and Thomadsen.

When taken together, this suite of inventions could mean on-the-spot delivery of the most optimal treatment for prostate cancer. Physician may strategically place up to 100 of such radioactive seeds in the prostate. Like a tiny grain of rice, each seed is cylindrically shaped and emits radiation in all directions. When properly arranged this can cause maximum damage to the cancer cells while sparing most of the normal tissue. Because of the smaller size of these implants they can be placed at the borders of the tumor with normal tissue causing only minimal damage to the normal tissues.


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Prostate cancer
The prostate is located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum in male. The tube that carries urine runs through the prostate. The prostate contains cells that make some of the seminal fluid. This fluid protects and nourishes the sperm. Prostate cancer usually starts in the gland cells of the prostate. This kind of cancer is known as adenocarcinoma. Prostate cancer is usually a slow disease, but sometimes it can grow fast and spread quickly to other organs.

Prostate Cancer Blog: Advances In Prostate Cancer Treatment

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