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Heart Watch News Blog Archives From Medicineworld.Org

  • Clinical Trial Results Promising For Patients With Angina (November 6, 2005)
  • Justice At Workplace Decreases Coronary Heart Disease (October 24, 2005)
  • Hope for Patients with Moderate to Severe Angina (October 12, 2005)
  • Cost-Effectiveness of Implanted Heart Device (October 8, 2005)
  • High blood sugar interferes with blood flow to heart in diabetics (October 8, 2005)
  • Pulmonary Artery Catheterization Does Not Benefit Heart Failure Patients (October 5, 2005)
  • Beta-blockers effects varies with genetic make up in heart attack patients (September 29, 2005)
  • Treating Heart Attack Patients (September 29, 2005)
  • Gene therapy may lower blood pressure (September 29, 2005)
  • Hypertension Has Strong Effect on Mental Function in African Americans (September 25, 2005)
  • Heart Disease Patients and PTSD (September 25, 2005)
  • Air pollution may cause heart attack (September 23, 2005)
  • Strategies to raise HDL cholesterol levels (September 22, 2005)
  • Stress Test Identifies High Risk People for Coronory Heart Disease (September 18, 2005)
  • Aggressive Heart Therapies Still Underused (September 15, 2005)
  • Exercise, Stress Management Gives Physiological Benefits for Heart Patients (September 15, 2005)
  • Aspirin Might Prevent Vioxx Cardiac Damage (September 14, 2005)
  • Pig Hearts in Nonhuman Primates: A Success Story (September 13, 2005)
  • Race and Gender influence Heart attack care (August 21, 2005)
  • High Blood Pressure Not Well Controlled Among Older Men and Women (July 27, 2005)

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