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Carboplatin dose calculator from MedicineWorld.Org

Carboplatin dose calculator:
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  Carboplatin dose calculator
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Carboplatin dose calculator
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About this Carboplatin dose calculator

  • This calculator uses the following formula for calculation of carboplatin dose.
  • First of all the creatinine clearance is calculated using the modified modified Cockcroft-Gault formula which is given below:
  • Creatinine clearance = ((140 - age(yrs)) x (actual weight(kg))) / (72 x serum creatinine(mg/dl))x gender correction factor (1 for male 0.85 for female)
  • Carboplatin dose is calculated using the following formula:
  • Carbo dose = target AUC(mg/ml/min) x (CrCl + 25)(ml/min)
  • Please read the disclaimer before using this calculator.

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