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Message to Potential link partner

Dear Potential link partner
At this time we are doing triangular exchange with high PR pages only. If you are willing to link from a page with a PR4 or higher with no more than 20 outgoing links, then we would match it with a similar page from this site or a different site. If you are interested please contact us at my email address that you find on the main page of Please put the heading “High PR rank exchange” so that I would differentiate your email from hundreds of other emails I get from other webmasters.

Please note the following
  • We do triangular link exchange only, that is link to one of our sites and you get a link back from a different site.
  • Our link should be on a page with PR4 or higher with less than 20 outgoing links. We would match this for you too.
  • You have to place the link first, and then email me. I would place the return link in 1-2 business days.
  • If you have any questions please email me.

    Best wishes

  • Potential link partner

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