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From SARS references and research resources: resources

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SARS references and research resources: resources

NEJM: Articles on severe acute respiratory syndrome
Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients with SARS in Hong Kong  
Do Some Patients with SARS Have Mild Disease?  
SARS reference
Intranasal SARS Vaccine Protects Monkeys from Infection  
Mouse Antibodies Thwart SARS Virus  
New Method Enables Researchers to Make Human SARS Antibodies Quickly  
Science Magazine: Progress on SARS
Government Views of SARS
SARS in health care workers  
CDC Lab Sequences Genome of New Coronavirus  
SARS - Center for the Study of Emerging Infections
SARS-associated Coronavirus
Prospective study of the clinical progression and viral load of SARS
Welcome :: Canadian SARS Research Network ::

Abstracts from New England Journal of Medicine

From British Medical Journal Genome Sequence of the SARS-Associated Coronavirus Coronaviridae
Picture of corona virus
Radhika Dasmahapatra
The Big Picture Book of Viruses: Coronaviridae
Index of viruses
Michelle Hsiang's Coronaviridae Webpage
Super course in corona virus

Cancer terms:
Remission: Partial or complete disappearance of tumor and cancer symptoms. Partial remission refers to decrease in the size of a tumor with partial relief of symptoms, while complete remission refers to complete disappearance of tumor and symptoms. Example: Mr. B had a large tumor, with three chemotherapy treatments, he had a partial remission and with six treatments he had complete remission. See cancer terms for more cancer related terms. SARS references and research resources: resources

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